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God’s Hospitality

The Church must make a horizontal move rather than a vertical growth. The history of the Church shows that the Church has witnessed meaningfully when she moved horizontally and suffered when she became locked vertically. The horizontal move demands that the Church has to adopt new ways of seeing, doing and being in the world to work out a strategy within the frame work of development, sustainability and equality. In this framework:

  • Policies should be nature friendly.
  • Natural resources must be share equally and used fruitfully to satisfy needs and not diverted wants.
  • Priority must be given for the resources for subsistence activities, and ensure food and shelter security.
  • Men and women can both participate in the decentralized set up.

Sumber: Ivy Singh, “God’s Hospitality on Perspective of Climate Justice”, CTC Bulletin XXVIII, no. 2 (2012): 1-17.